Short Answers Part Three

This is the last of a group of posts of questions that didn't require longer answers. I am sure there will be more in the future! I am limiting these to three questions so there isn't as much information to take in! I would like to thank Kim and Odebt for these questions.  Please, without questions there is no blog so ask, ask, ask!

 Can digital images be rushed for ad deadlines?

Yes. However, in this day of digital images, most of us are set up so that you are able to get images almost instantly. It is no longer like the days of film. I have images online within 48 hours of a show (normally much faster, but sometimes driving/weather happens) and digital orders go out within 48 hours, if there are no special requests, of being placed. Very little rushing is actually needed now a days. If you need it faster that that or if your photographer edits images prior to placing them online (which I don't which is how they get online so quickly), then most have a fee and can get it out even quicker if truly needed.. 

Why is everyone in a rush even after the show is over?

Most people are trying to get out to get home, to get to dinner, etc. Every now and then, we have the judge that has a flight scheduled too close and "must go." Another big one is weather; gotta beat that snow, rain, whatever. Judge's and show committees, even many handlers have been on the show site since well before the show began. Despite posted show hours many show days are well over 12 hours in reality.

Personally? I am there until I am done. Once I am done I normally have at least another hour or more of "tear down" since I have added computers for exhibitors to view/purchase the images taken. Thus, we are usually at an event 2 hours or more after it is done. I have begun to stay in the area even on the final day of a show so that I have time to upload images, arrange/send out on site orders and actually be rested as well! I am lucky enough to be doing what I love so I take the time to do it right.

Can I have other people or more than one dog in my photo?

Your photo, your money, your choice. As long as the judge is okay with it, anyone can be in the photo. Just remember, the more you add, the smaller the dog looks, so if a Chihuahua, you might want to pick the dog, up, or set it on a table opposed to the podium. If you have say a Irish Wolfhound the dog will still stand out and be seen.

By the same token, you can have as many dogs in your photo as you like same theory, your photo, your money, your choice. Here however, be considerate of the judge, if you are bringing 6 dogs, make sure you have enough handlers, that the dogs are trained-ish, and that there is a plan in place.  Expecting a judge to stand while we organize 6 untrained dogs, figuring out who can be next to who (bitches in heat and dogs who really, really don't like each other are not good ideas here), is time consuming, and may take time he/she does not have or, does not want to take at that moment. Usually the more dogs you add, then the more angle you want to keep the focus on the dogs. Consider a sitting picture of them all if they will sit. Again, size matters, you can set up six Chihuahuas at a full profile (side shot) and still "see" them all. However, by the time I back up far enough for six Great Danes at a profile, you are going to look like a bunch of ants. Then you consider a strong 3/4, mostly front, or a sitting image of them, allowing me to be closer and allowing for a more genuine look.

There can even be issues with two dogs in one image. Many people think having the dogs facing each other with the judge in the middle is a great shot. It can be for an Irish Setter or similar where ears are not an issue! If you want ears all of the dogs need to be facing in the same direction! I cannot throw toys in two directions AND take a photo! So, you can add all the dogs or people you want, just be realistic on what you expect!

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