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Announcements at the end of the blog. We are getting ready for our busy season and will be seeing you at shows soon! Please feel free to give us questions for the blog at shows, but due to time constraints please write them down, we are literally answering everything asked in this format BECAUSE it gives us time to do so without being rude! Email and Facebook are always a great way to get in touch!

Favorite dog show moment?

Hmm 🤔 So many, watching my family do well, going Winners Dog at the national last year. PHOTOS?  Being asked to shoot shows and hired to come back, always nice!  Being hired for portrait sessions outside of a dog show weekend "back in the day" before candid photographers were a thing. The cover shots I have had, I have had over 30 cover shots in breed and all breed magazines, always nice.

Biggest misconception people outside of the business have about what you do?

That dog show photographers only work on the weekends! I cannot count how many times have I heard "I wish I only worked two days a week." Well, me too!!  I wish I only worked 2 days a week!  There is much more involved in this than just taking the pictures. Especially when we were still film and offline; but, even now there is more to the business than just taking the pictures. 

What is the number one thing new people should do in the sport that they don't?

Stay and watch the dog show!  instead of show and go,like so many people do, you would be surprised what you can learn. About showing, about dogs, about the judges and what they are looking for and how to show to them, grooming tips. It is amazing. Heck you might even make some friends you can travel with!

Growing up my family stayed on the show site most weekends in a trailer. We learned as much, if not more, because we were there all day as we did in kennel club meetings and classes. The nights around the camp fire (yes we still did fires on occasion) or just sitting around chatting were even more educational. 

How much do you travel per year?

As a photographer you can be traveling every week. Sometimes it is just smarter to stay on the road rather than going home, and that is definitely one thing digital has made easier. Currently I put about 60,000 miles per year on my car just for work. I have done more in the past, and hope to do more in the future!  I love the traveling, and driving.. thankfully!

What makes you turn down a show? 

Are you nuts!! 😲 Who does that? In all seriousness, I have turned shows down when:  a. I am already booked or b. the show giving club puts too many restrictions or requirements on the contract, their ideas vary too much from mine (I have had National clubs that wanted me to retouch every photo for free as a guarantee in the contract), they want to have more than one person/business working the show.  I will have enough people to cover any show I contract. To me having more than one business at a show is too confusing for exhibitors. 

Heart of America Cluster is online.  All events until Garden City, Kansas April 24-26th have been cancelled by the event sponsoring clubs. We will keep you informed as much as we can. Thank you!!

Have questions? Ask them! Follow us on Facebook for more information. Interested in having us photograph your show? Contact us at either location!  We have updated our website! See our calendar to know where we will be next!


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